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I <3 New Braunfels

When my friend Melissa and I were brainstorming a way to get my name out some more into the community, creating a familiar face that people would think of when they thought real estate, I never imagined that Discover New Braunfels would become such a wonderful and fulfilling project.

You see, my heart has always been with the community. I am a natural born helper and I love to sing people’s praises. I am also very easy to please and find wonder in the most ordinary of environments.

Let’s go back a few years, and I’ll tell you the story of how I got here. Because everyone has a story to tell!

When I was a young airman in the USAF, stationed at Randolph, I eventually found my way up the I35 corridor, and to this incredibly wonderful town that I now call home. Some friends and I came to the Wurstfest in 1995. It was still relatively small back then, and we had the chance to visit with locals and chat. Everyone was SO NICE! I couldn’t help but walk around with a great big grin (it’s still there!). I met a vendor that actually invited me to her home for Thanksgiving when she learned that I was in the military and away from home! I declined because I had plans, but my heart never forgot that kind gesture. This goes to show that as residents, our actions towards others leave a lasting impression, which is why I greet everyone with open arms and a smile! When I left the Wurstfest that day, I told myself that I’d love to settle down here.

Someone heard me because, in 1997, I met a guy who happened to be a third generation born and raised native New Braunfelser. It didn’t take long to know beyond the shadow of a doubt that he was the one for me. Here we are, 20 years and three kids later, loving life and living the dream in New Braunfels TX.

In 2013, my husband Danny convinced me to go into Real Estate. He’d been in the business (from selling mobile homes to mortgages to real estate, and back to mortgage) for 14 years at the time. I stayed home with my babies till the youngest started Kindergarten. I went to work at the school for a bit, then on to be a personal assistant. But it wasn’t cutting the mustard so Real Estate it was. I didn’t realize how much I’d love it at the time, so I went to RE school kicking and screaming. If I knew then what I know now, I’d have gone more willingly, LOL.

Since day 1, I approached my business with an out of the box attitude. I love how this profession allows me to retain my creativity while making a living. In the spring of this year, I felt the need to do something different. I sat down with my friend and mentor Melissa and discussed ways that I could make an impact while generating business and helping others. The Real Estate business thrives on referrals, good reviews, and satisfied customers. So does any business, really. I LOVE getting referrals. However, it’s not a one-way street! When I go to a local business and am impressed by their services and products, I can’t help but shout it from the rooftops so everyone else discovers how awesome they are!! Thus the birth of Discover New Braunfels.

As I prepare to film Season 2, I am so grateful and excited to expose you to all of the awesomeness this town has to offer! Our production company, Gruene Records, does an awe-inspiring job of putting together our show. I can’t wait for the season to be released!

Meanwhile, I’ll play catch up so you can see what we’ve been up to so far.

Thank you for reading! I hope you enjoy.

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