• Melanie DNB Esqueda

Oyster Bar

There are so many hidden treasures in this town. Some are super visible, and we see them every day, but what we don't know is what we will discover when we walk through that door.

The Oyster Bar, in my opinion, is one of those places! I have had so many conversations with people that said, "Ew, Oysters!," when the topic comes up! Well let me tell you if you think the Oyster Bar is all about oysters, you are wrong. They DO have fresh, delicious oysters, and sometimes carry limited batches of specialty oysters when in season. HOWEVER, their bar food menu is exceptional!! It is the perfect place to stop for lunch or when you are looking for a late night snack when no other restaurant is open! They have a "soup of the day" which varies every week - sometimes going 40-50 different recipes before a repeat! How 'bout that? Every bowl I've ever had there has been freshly made, piping hot, and delicious. And it NEVER tastes like anything came out of a can! Super fresh. Some of my favorite menu items (there are a lot!) are the Jalapeno Poppers, Deviled Eggs, Candied Bacon Sliders (more on that meat candy later) and their huge wings. Even the house salad is yummy!

The Oyster Bar has a wide array of special cocktails that are sure to put a little slide in your stride....a pep in your step. The famous Breakfast Shots are incredible! I NEVER drink shots...just not my thing...but I will have a Breakfast shot at the OB. It's especially special because after the shot of liquor, you get a shot of orange juice and a piece of candied bacon!!! Shut the front door!!! It's incredible. And to round out your breakfast experience (at any time of day) try their new drink menu item, the espresso martini! It's the perfect afternoon pick me up. Great for sipping while meeting your friends or working from your mobile office (I may or may not do that from time to time).

Since the great Smoking Ban of New Braunfels, the Oyster Bar is a fabulous smoke free environment. The staff is exceptional and familiar. They are always smiling and cheerful (that goes a long way in my book!). And if you are lucky, one of the owners will swing by your table or seat at the bar for a warm welcome.

You can find the Oyster Bar at 203 S Seguin Ave in NB. Visit their website at www.nboysterbar.com Please check out DNB S1 Ep3 here.

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