• Melanie Esqueda

Simply Detailed

Earlier this year, the opportunity came up to play dress up for a local boutique. I played dress up, they took pics for their website, and I got to beef up my wardrobe! It’s a win win win situation. All the excitement led me to ask them if they wanted to participate in Discover New Braunfels and behold! They accepted.

What I didn’t realize when I walked into Simply Detailed for the first time was the vast selection of clothing for all ages, shapes, and sizes! The jeans fit me like a glove and are reasonably priced! Once I started going to Simply Detailed, I dropped my subscription (rhymes with hitch mix) service. I was able to dress myself with cuter clothes that I chose, that fit right, for a better price. Again, a win win win situation.

One of the things I love about Simply Detailed is the way they keep rotating the stock. It seems like every time I walk in, there are new items for sale. They keep up with the trends and the seasons, so you’ll always find current fashions in season appropriate colors!

Another attractive benefit is the staff – they help me with my outfit choices, gently pulling me out of my fashion box, encouraging me to wear new and unique styles that I wouldn’t have previously chosen. I love all my new outfits, and I get tons of compliments, which leads me to send people to this darling boutique.

Please enjoy this episode of Discover New Braunfels!

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